Nearly four months after my last blog post and I am finally coming up for a bit of communicative air. Perhaps the idea of keeping a blog here was a bit ambitious as keeping a blog is primarily done through regular posting… I’m not sure, but I do want to apologize for being more absent than I intended.

So now there’s quite a bit to catch everyone up on, starting with: it’s winter here! Obviously, it’s also winter in a number of other places, but for a Californian who hasn’t lived in a snowy climate since childhood, it’s been a bit of an adjustment. We got our first snowfall a few weeks ago, barely anything to stick to the ground, but enough of a dusting to be exciting. I’ve been cranking the heat full blast in my classroom, though, as I have felt cold since late September. Word to the wise: Fall in Korea lasts about a nanosecond… Summer plants hadn’t even begun to wither when the first snow came. Poor little flowers never knew what hit ’em.

Shortly after my last post, classes officially started for us at Langcon and then… well, Jerry and I were both pretty slammed. First-Time Teacher Syndrome struck as we both spent long hours at our respective workplaces and at home, grading or lesson-planning, trying to keep heads above water. Jerry has definitely had a far more demanding load, though, teaching two sections of AP Chemistry and an introductory chemistry course.

Planning, prepping, grading and keeping up with keeping up, and before you know it, months have gone by and it seems weird that it was so long ago that we left the US. I still catch myself in moments of, “Wow… I live in a foreign country…” Long story short… getting to the end of the day seems like an accomplishment unto itself sometimes and on those days, blogging seems far more of a chore than anything else and the mental muscles I’d use to do so are beginning to atrophy, I think. (sigh)

First term with my school is already complete, though, and we’ve just begun our winter term this week, which is a staggering thought to me because time has just moved so quickly. But on the bright side, there seems to be more of a rhythm to my days, which is good.

But for those who are keeping up with us on Facebook and such, you know we’ve gotten in a bit of domestic travel while we’ve been here. We seem to manage a trip to Seoul almost every month so far, where there is no shortage of interesting things to see and do.

We also took a trip to Busan for a weekend with friends here and that was quite awesome. What an incredible city! Beaches and food and awesome–oh my! I wish we’d gotten in a hike there, but Busan isn’t going anywhere so I guess the hike can wait until next time.

We’ve also started taking formal Korean lessons, meeting with an instructor twice a week for about an hour. We’re supposed to be studying more, I think, but we both often collapse at the end of the day, unwinding by watching YouTube videos or surfing imgur before succumbing to sleep.

We are gearing up for another trip, though, and it can’t seem to come soon enough. I was able to get time off right around Christmas and we opted to use the days I have to take a short trip outside of Korea. We’ll be heading to Bali, Indonesia on Dec. 20 to spend a few days kickin’ it on a beach and relaxing.

I’ll wrap up here, for now, but I promise I’ll be back again soon. Maybe only TWO months later this time instead of four… 😉