Changing gears.

And just like that… the six-month marker of your arrival in a foreign country passes and you think, “Where did that time go?”

It went a lot of places… Training and classes, vacation and time with friends. We got engaged in December (more on that a bit later) and took our first international trip together (technically, we arrived in Korea separately, so I’m counting this as our first) and I’ve got some news of my own: I’m switching jobs!

It’s a bit unreal to even write that, but to make a long story short, I was offered a much better position teaching at the same high school that Jerry works at (though we aren’t teaching for the same program), and it really just had too many good points to turn down. It’s a bit bittersweet (and much delayed in its formal announcement to friends at home), but it’s a really good move. The new position gives me teaching experience that is more analogous to what I would do in the States if I decide to teach after we return someday, more down time, fewer classes with a smaller number of students, a substantial amount more vacation time in addition to all of the national holidays (we’re talking almost three times as much–we’d actually be able to visit the States over the summer!), and more “normal” working hours, meaning Jerry and I will actually be on the same schedule again, which is huge. I was asked to wait to announce the transition to my students until next week, which will formally be my last, but I’m dreading it already as it’s always really hard to say goodbye. 

I’ll be teaching high school boys, and also possibly giving English instruction to Korean teachers interested in learning, but this is still a fluid concept that hasn’t been hammered out. For sure teaching the high school boys… which should be very, very interesting to say the least. Hahahaha.

It still felt like a pretty tough decision, despite knowing it was the right one for me, chiefly because I consider myself to be a rather loyal person and the gravity of telling Langcon that I wanted to break my contract with them was hard to really swallow and talking to my boss about this wasn’t going to feel easy for me. But I’m really looking forward to the new work and think it will provide a lot more opportunity in the long run.

I have a half dozen updates that really should be posted, but suffice it to say, I’m copping out and saying I’ll do it later… (sigh). In the mean time, I’ll be trying to get well as I have frisbee practice tomorrow (did I mention I signed up for an ultimate frisbee league? Oh… right… no, because I’ve been really sucking at this ‘regular updates’ thing…).

Until later…