Cherry Blossoms

Spring descended on Korea recently with a burst of warmer weather and absolutely gorgeous flowers. Magnolias on campus bloomed first but were quickly followed by the beautiful and locally famous cherry blossoms. Bugil is known for these blossoms as trees line the main walkways up to the school and fill other areas with slightly-blushing blossoms for about two weeks in early spring.

Jerry was in Australia when they first came into bloom, but thankfully there were enough left by the time he returned so that he could enjoy them briefly before they were gone. Many of the blossoms have already fallen, but some still cling to the trees. Below are just a few pictures I snapped of how lovely they look(ed).

No sooner than the blossoms began to open and the campus became a destination point for locals wanting good pictures. Jerry and I took lunch outside one day and enjoyed an impromptu student performance on the lawn–guitars, some percussion and even some singing. Absolutely lovely afternoons!

Every year, Bugil hosts a famous Cherry Blossom Festival. Food vendors set up at the base of the hill, near the entry way and Hanwha (the company that invests in the school) sponsors fireworks for the evening. Initially, I was really upset because my ultimate frisbee schedule was going to mean I would have to miss the festival, but luck was on my side–the cherry blossoms bloomed early and the school rescheduled the festival to accommodate more people being able to see the blossoms before they completely disappear.

The fireworks were spectacular–better than any I’ve seen in the U.S. and the show was inclusive of other pyrotechnics and lasers, all coordinated and timed to music. Really cool. I was glad to have been able to go. Some friends and I met up with a potluck picnic and made an evening out of it, which was really nice. Hanwha did a great job putting the show together–though I would really hope that they would considering the company began as an explosives corporation before becoming the conglomerate that it is today.

Fun fact! My new favorite Korean word is 불꽃 놀이 (bool-goht nohl-ee) — it is the word for ‘fireworks’ and the parts of the word translate to ‘fire flowers playing.’ It just creates a pretty picture in my mind, so I really like it.

Happy Spring from Korea!