Cooking abroad

Thought I’d share a weeknight win from our kitchen. I made this soup this evening, and everything came together so easily and deliciously.

Jerry and I were planning on hosting a meeting at our apartment, so on Sunday, when I meal prepped for the week, I threw the potatoes and onions in a gallon-size plastic zipper bag and tossed in the vegetable crisper. This morning, I dumped the contents and water into our faithful slow cooker (easily the best purchase we’ve made here) and set it on low. When I got home, I drained a little bit of the water and added the milk, butter and bacon (I’d cooked and cut this up on Sunday as well, but kept in a separate bag so it wouldn’t become soggy).

Holy moly. Big crowd pleaser.

I made a few modifications, chiefly that I multiplied the recipe quantities to accommodate the number of people present and instead of dill weed (which I have never found here), I used dried rosemary and a bit more parsley. It was perfect.

Who says cooking overseas can’t bring you the familiar comforts of home?

Potato soup, spinach salad.


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